Overview of Wellon transformer kits

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<h1 class="text-content">Overview of Wellon transformer kits.</h1>
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<div class="text-content">More people are turning to vaping and e-cigarettes as a healthy alternative to smoking. They contain lower amounts of nicotine and can be smoked in most public places. Which makes it convenient to enjoy the smoking sensation without those nasty odors. Available in a wide variety of flavors, such as mint, bubblegum, blueberry, chocolate cake, and many others. Another great advantage with e-cigarettes is how much money you save. Wellon Tech is a top quality electronic cigarettes manufacturer with a wide variety of products. Including the Wellontech Transformer Box Mod Kit.</div>
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<h2>More Insight About Wellon Tech Electronic Cigarettes Manufacturer.</h2>
For the best e-cigarette products at reasonable prices, you just can’t beat Wellon Tech. Such as their Transformer Box Mod, which are available in brass, stainless steel, copper, and black. Equipped with an organic light-emitting diode, which is a more efficient source of power.

<h3>Other Details:</h3>
* Comprised of heavy duty Zinc Alloy
* Has a voltage range of 0.5-8 volts
* Suitable to be used with an 18650 High Drain battery
* Has a Standby current of 50uA
* It’s spring loaded with 510 thread
* Has a resistance of 0.1-3.0
* Has a weight of 121 Grams
* It’s dimensions are 82*42*22 millimeters
* Has a temperature range of between two and six hundred degrees Fahrenheit
* Puts out a wattage of 1-75W
* It’s resistance level is 0.1-3.0?

<h4>Benefits of Switching to E-cigarettes.</h4>
You’ll find that there’s numerous reasons for using e-cigarettes over regular ones. Such as better circulation of blood, due to the elimination of carbon monoxide. It also has no harmful second hand smoke getting into the lungs of your friends and family. Unlike regular cigarettes they contain no tar, which means you won’t suffer from that annoying smokers cough. As well as reducing your risks of developing lung cancer and other various diseases that come from smoking. You are also helping our environment from having to break down cigarette buds, which can take up to a total of several years. Just imagine how much fresher the house will smell without that lingering stale odor of smoke. Making it a much more pleasant experience for people come over and visit you. Another advantage of using e-cigarettes is not needing to look for lighters or matches. Just simply hit the power button and enjoy. For those of you who fall asleep while smoking, this will also reduce the risk of fires. Since e-cigarettes have no ashes, you won’t have a need for having ashtrays all over your home either. Not to mention how much money that’ll be saved with the price of cigarettes rising every month. As well as having lower life insurance rates, since you will no longer be considered a smoker.

<h5>The Overall Conclusion.</h5>
Making the switch is ultimately your decision and it should be any easy one to be made. With all of the benefits of e-cigarettes compared to others, there’s nothing to lose. So go ahead and research Wellon products and make the change for yourself.

<span style="color: #33cccc;"><a style="color: #33cccc;" href="http://www.wellontech.com/">Wellon Official Website</a></span>

<span style="color: #3366ff;"><a style="color: #3366ff;" href="http://www.askvaporizer.com/product/wellon-transformer-kit/">Wellon Transformer Presale</a></span>

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